Secure Contacts app

Systematically protect valuable data

Save all business contacts, whether from OUTLOOK, the COMPANY ADDRESS BOOK, MS TEAMS, or your CRM in a single app.



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Compatible with all operating systems, CRM systems, MDM systems, MS Teams, and Outlook:

All business contacts in a single app

The Secure Contacts app combines privacy & usability

Under the GDPR, business contacts may only be stored to a limited extent in a smartphone’s address book. The reason for this is that commercial platforms, rental car, and car sharing services sync contact data automatically. This is where we came in by developing a smart app for you to use as an all-in-one solution.

Secure & functional
Manage all locally stored business contacts in compliance with the GDPR and prevent data breaches without imposing restrictions on your employees.
For IT | MDM
  • Full integration in the Microsoft environment
  • Compatible with all data sources
  • No unintentional data loss

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For Management | Sales
  • Pools all business contacts in a single app
  • Automated data maintenance
  • Caller identification

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For Employees
  • All contacts in one place
  • Ideal for BYOD or COPE devices
  • Vacation feature that only allows calls from favorited contacts

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Manual data maintenance?

No thanks!

All business contacts from the CRM system, Outlook, and the company address book are pooled in this smartphone app.

Automated data maintenance means that all contact data is always up to date and centrally managed in compliance with the GDPR. This prevents unintentional data loss to third-party apps.

Practical caller identification lets you know who’s calling, even from contacts in CRM systems.

Success stories

Our customers are thrilled

Many companies already manage their contacts securely and efficiently with the Secure Contacts app.

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4,5/5 Stars
Customer since 2023
aprox. 1000
Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH
“With the Secure Contacts app, data breaches are prevented and employees can efficiently access all company data.” – Stefan Legler, Team Leader IT Infrastructure and Provider Management
5/5 Stars
Customer since 2022
50 Employees
“We have tested the Secure Contacts app and will be using the app throughout PRW Group. A lot of benefits are achieved here with little effort.” – Wilfried Reiners, Attorney at Law
5/5 Stars
Customer since 2021
647 Employees
“The integrated caller ID of the Secure Contacts App from Provectus, as well as the secure provision of different contact sources, is a significant benefit for us as a customer .” – Tobias Jakob, Director Infrastructure
4,5/5 Stars
Customer since 2022
approx. 50 Employees
Geries Ingenieure GmbH
„The Secure Contacts app is the ideal solution for us to securely manage business contacts! With it, we can ensure privacy without limiting usability on OUR company cell phones.” – Joachim Steeg, Head of IT

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Alexandros Garoufis | Sales Manager

You would like to learn more?

connect with our expert
Alexandros Garoufis | Sales Manager

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