Secure Contacts app

Systematically protect valuable contacts

  • All contacts in one place
  • Ideal for BYOD or COPE devices
  • Integration of MS Teams

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Compatible with all operating systems, CRM systems, MDM systems, MS Teams, and Outlook:

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The Secure Contacts app enables GDPR-compliant management of business contacts on a smartphone. Thanks to automated data maintenance, there is no need to manually enter new contacts, duplicate contacts are consolidated, and data is consistently updated.


Ideal for COPE and BYOD devices

Secure separation of private and business data

Caller identification

Identification of incoming calls from all connected data sources

Automated data maintenance

Up to date thanks to automated synchronization

Teams status display

Know when colleagues are available

Out-of-office feature

Only allows calls from favorite contacts

GDPR-compliant contact management

Prevents unintentional data loss

Data encryption

Manage all business contacts in an encrypted database

Control over data flow

Control of useful messenger and telephony apps

Access protection

Protection via PIN, TouchID, or FaceID before using the app

No data collection

The app does not collect your data or user behavior

Employee feedback

Joachim Steeg
Geries Ingenieure GmbH
The Secure Contacts app is the ideal solution for us to securely manage business Contacts! With it, we can ensure privacy without limiting usability on OUR company cell phones.
Tobias Jakob
Director of Infrastructure at HSE
Having caller identification built into the Secure Contacts app from Provectus, as well as the secure provision of different contact sources, is a significant benefit for us as a customer!
Wilfried Reiners
Lawyer at PRW
We have tested the Secure Contacts app ourselves and will be using the app in the entire PRW Group. This is a way to achieve a lot of positive results with very little effort.

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