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The Secure Contacts app is designed for enterprise devices with MDM management, bring your own device (BYOD), or corporate-owned personally enabled (COPE) devices, i.e., devices that are used for both personal and business purposes.
The Secure Contacts app is already available in the Play Store, but the app protection policies (APP) cannot yet be configured for this version in Microsoft Intune. We are working at full speed to make this feature available as soon as possible!
The Standard and Enterprise editions are available. The Enterprise edition extends the functions of the Standard edition and enables, among other things, the integration of additional data sources, the activation of out-of-office mode, and anonymized calls. A comparison of the two editions is available here:
The starter package includes integrating the Secure Contacts app into your Azure tenant as well as the company-specific configuration of the app.
A user guide is available here:
You’re welcome to get in touch with us to get a detailed user guide for your configuration.
Rollout is usually completed within a few hours.
But it can take more time for specific technical requirements. We’ll gladly provide support for this.
In addition to MS Dynamics 365, CRM systems from all vendors can be integrated. For example, we’ve already had positive experiences with SAP and Salesforce. But this may entail additional costs. Please contact us for an exact cost estimate!
No, it’s only possible to create new contacts in the connected original sources. However, users can create new contacts in Outlook. They’ll also appear in the app through automated synchronization.

Customization of Outlook contacts in the app is slated for Q2 2023.
The app uses Apple’s iOS CallKit feature to block and identify calls. When the phone gets an incoming call, the system searches the user’s local contacts for a matching phone number. If no match is found, it uses the app’s Call Directory extension to find a matching entry and identify the incoming phone number.
For two contacts to be merged into one, the first and last names must be spelled the same and at least one phone number or email address must be identical.
No, the display of Teams status can also be turned off.
Currently, it’s only possible to connect WhatsApp. In future releases, however, it will also be possible to connect to Signal and Telegram. Note: If the contacts are used for communication via messenger services, the privacy protection policies must be observed!
A vCard is a file in VCF format that contains information about you and your company and can be processed by various applications (e.g., email programs, organizers, and calendars). A QR code is also generated, which you can use to give your counterpart access to your contact details as well.
Yes, the data in the vCard can be changed by the user as they like.
The app stores all data in an encrypted SQLite database.
The SCA app container itself is secured by MS Intune app protection.
As a result, neither another app nor the operating system itself can view or modify the stored data.
The app was developed for Microsoft Intune and uses the security features provided by Microsoft.
Connection of other MDM solutions is possible, but this may have an impact on GDPR-compliant contact management.
Yes, this is possible. However, in this case, the data cannot be managed in a GDPR-compliant manner.
Almost all of the features can be managed centrally via app configuration polices in Intune. You can specify whether or not a particular feature is available to the user.
The app can be managed for different user groups using individual configuration policies.
For example, it can be set up so that only employees in Sales have access to data from the CRM.
If Exchange Online is being used, all of the user’s Exchange contacts will be automatically synced in the app.

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Success stories

Numerous companies are already using the Secure Contacts app to manage their contacts securely and efficiently
Joachim Steeg
Head of IT at Geries Ingenieure GmbH
The Secure Contacts app is the ideal solution for us to securely manage business contacts. With it, we can ensure privacy without limiting usability on OUR company cell phones.
Tobias Jakob
Director of Infrastructure at HSE
Having caller identification built into the Secure Contacts app from Provectus, as well as the secure provision of different contact sources, is a significant benefit for us as a customer.
Wilfried Reiners
Attorney at PRW
We have tested the Secure Contacts app ourselves and will be using the app in the entire PRW Group. This is a way to achieve a lot of positive results with very little effort.
Stefan Legler
Team Leader IT-Infrastructure- and Provider-Management
With the Secure Contacts app, data breaches are prevented and employees can efficiently access all company data.


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