Secure Contacts app: Now also with vCard

Use the digital business card to network effectively and efficiently

Ever been on a business trip and accidentally left your stack of business cards in the office? Or tried in vain to quickly generate a QR code for all of the contact data needed for a presentation? That’s not only annoying, but avoidable. The vCard in the Secure Contacts app from Provectus provides a solution. The digital business card is flexible and effective—and always available as a QR code.


And how does the vCard work?

The traditional paper-based business card has become obsolete and is being replaced by its digital successor. With the vCard in the Secure Contacts app, all contact data is transferred straight from the cloud and stored digitally. It’s a file in VCF format that includes information about you and your company and can be processed by a variety of applications (e.g., email programs, organizers, and calendars). The vCard is thus a convenient way to send your business-related information online.

In addition, a QR code is generated automatically. You can also use this code to give your counterpart access to your contact details. It’s basically not all that different from exchanging paper-based business cards: You open the QR code on your smartphone so your counterpart can scan it with their smartphone and save your contact data in their address book.


Always up to date

Unlike their printed counterparts, all vCard content can be customized as needed for recipients and current situations, and not only the name and address, but also job titles and links can be exchanged within seconds.All current contact data is collected digitally and always ready to hand in one place. And while conventional paper-based cards tend to disappear into nirvana, the smartphone is more often than not a faithful companion.

But the possibilities of digital business cards are even more wide-ranging. They are not gaining in popularity without reason, as they deliver a wide range of benefits. In addition to increased flexibility, efficiency, and new applications, they also make a contribution to environmental protection.

All benefits at a glance

Your benefits

Always up to date

Moved or have a new cell phone number? No problem. All data can be updated at any time. The vCard is always up to date.

Efficient networking

Never again forget your stack of business cards and be ready for any situation—whether face-to-face or in an online conference.

Sharing made easy

Transfer your data directly, quickly, and without typos as a VCF file or via the QR code. Your counterpart does not need a special app for this.

Protect the environment

The majority of handed out paper business cards end up in the trash after a very short time. With the vCard you conserve resources and improve your environmental footprint.

Lower costs and save time

Creating designs, finding the right suppliers, high printing costs, and constant reordering. If a person’s data changes, the trouble starts all over again. The digital business card saves you the hassle.

Effective networking with the vCard

These days, companies have to deal with the question of how they can be more environmentally friendly. Digital technologies are being used to reduce the amount of paper usage. Even if recycled paper business cards seem like a more environmentally friendly option, they result in millions of trees being cut down each year. With the digital business card, these resources are spared, while you can rest assured that your contact information will load in the potential business partner’s address book and not get lost. The vCard is always available on your mobile device and you can respond flexibly and quickly to requests.

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Interested in the details?

Your primary contact
Alexandros Garoufis | Sales Manager
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