Activate the app in 5 steps

See our guide for all the steps required to enable the Secure Contacts app with Mobile Application Management (MAM) in Microsoft Intune.
You can download the app directly from the App Store and install it on any iOS/iPadOS device.

To the guide

  1. Register the Enterprise app with your tenant ID on our website
  2. Create an app protection policy or add the app to an existing policy
  3. Create a conditional access policy for the app
  4. Create an app configuration policy for licensing
  5. Test onboarding the app with your device and Azure account

Manual data maintenance?

No thanks!

All business contacts from the CRM system, Outlook, and the company address book are pooled in this smartphone app.

Automated data maintenance means that all contact data is always up to date and centrally managed in compliance with the GDPR. This prevents unintentional data loss from the app to third-party applications.

Practical caller identification lets you know who’s calling, even from contacts in CRM systems.


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Want to protect your business contacts without compromising the work of your employees?

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FAQ: Have any questions?

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A user guide is available here:
You’re welcome to get in touch with us to get a detailed user guide for your configuration.
Rollout of the Secure Contacts app is usually completed within a few hours. But it can take more time for specific technical requirements. We’ll gladly provide support for this.
The app stores all data in an encrypted SQLite database.
The SCA app container itself is secured by MS Intune app protection.
As a result, neither another app nor the operating system itself can view or modify the stored data.
The app was developed for Microsoft Intune and uses the security features provided by Microsoft.
Connection of other MDM solutions is possible, but this may have an impact on GDPR-compliant contact management.
If Exchange Online is being used, all of the user’s Exchange contacts will be automatically synced in the app.