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Request your free trial license directly from us now and see for yourself the many benefits for your everyday work.

The Secure Contacts app is the ideal solution for transferring business contacts from Outlook, the corporate address book or a CRM to your iPhone or Android device.

Numerous companies already use the Secure Contacts app and benefit from data protection with maximum usability.



Please enter your Azure Tenant ID here and click “confirm”. Please have the access data of your administrator account ready.

Once logged into the tenant’s Azure Active Directory, Secure Contact App is created as an enterprise application and authorized to the Microsoft/Office 365 backends.

Request the trial license now!

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Führen Sie mit der Secure Contacts App alle geschäftlichen Kontakte auf dem Firmenhandy zusammen. For maximum usability without compromising on data protection!

You only pay if you are actually convinced after the license expires!

What to do next

What comes next?
What happens after I submit the trial license request?
Immediately after submitting the form you will receive more information. You will learn how to start testing the Standard edition right away. If you would like to test the full Enterprise Edition, one of our Secure Contacts App experts will contact you within two business days to discuss the technical requirements and next steps.
How does the setup phase work?
We help you set up the fully-fledged trial license. Only if you decide to use the product after the 30 days, we will charge you for the setup costs. You will not incur any costs if you no longer wish to use the Secure Contacts app.
Costs and cancellation period
No hidden costs, no cancellation period! If you don’t want to use the app after the 30-day trial license expires, you don’t have to pay a thing. There’s also no need to cancel—your account will simply expire. If you decide to purchase the full version of the app, your personal contact will be happy to prepare an offer for you.


Zahlreiche Unternehmen verwalten ihre Kontakte bereits sicher und effizent mit der Secure Contacts App
Joachim Steeg
Leiter IT bei Geries Ingenieure GmbH
Die Secure Contacts App ist für uns die ideale Lösung für die sichere Verwaltung geschäftlicher Kontakte! Mit ihr können wir Datenschutz gewährleisten, ohne die Usability auf dem Firmenhanddy einzuschränken.
Tobias Jakob
Director Infrastructure bei HSE
Die integrierte Anruferkennung der Secure Contacts App von Provectus sowie die sichere Bereitstellung von unterschiedlichen Kontaktquellen ist für uns als Kunde ein signifikanter Benefit!
Wilfried Reiners
Rechtsanwalt bei PRW
Wir haben die Secure Contacts App getestet und werden die App in der gesamten PRW Group einsetzen. Hier wird mit wenig Aufwand sehr viel Positives erreicht.
Stefan Legler
Team Leader IT-Infrastructure- und Provider-Management
Mit der Secure Contacts App werden Datenschutzverstöße verhindert und die Mitarbeitenden können effizient auf alle Unternehmensdaten zugreifen.

Protect your data specifically with the Secure Contacts app

  • Suitable for iPhone and Android devices
  • Ideal for BYOD and COPE
  • Security through Microsoft Azure and Intune
  • Compatible with all data sources
  • Parktic Caller Identification
  • No unwanted data leakage to WhatsApp
  • Connection to Microsoft Teams

How does the Secure Contacts app work?

With the Secure Contacts app, you store all your business contacts on your company cell phone. AlleKontakte, egal ob aus Microsoft Outlook, dem Unternehmensadressbuch oder einem CRM-System, werden sicher in eine verschlüsselte Datenbank übertragen. Die App fungiert dabei als geschützter Container, der einen unkontrollierten Datenabfluss an Messenger-Dienste wie WhatsApp verhindert. Synchronization with rental cars and car sharing is also prevented. Once in the system, all company members have access to the contacts authorized for them.

What are the advantages of the app?

Thanks to automated data maintenance, there is no need to manually enter new contacts, duplicate contacts are consolidated, and data is continuously updated. This means that the address book is always clearly arranged, and with the practical quick search function, time-consuming searches for the right contact are a thing of the past.Incoming callers are identified again directly from all connected sources.

Your primary contact

We are available to answer your questions
Alexandros Garoufis | Sales Manager

Do you want to protect your business contacts but not interfere with the work of your employees? We can help!

+49 (0) 89 2080 4 2040

Your primary contact

We are available to answer your questions
Alexandros Garoufis | Sales Manager

Do you want to protect your business contacts but not interfere with the work of your employees? We can help!

+49 (0) 89 2080 4 2040